Léo Caillard

Sculptor and digital artist based in France, Léo Caillard has been exploring for several years our ephemeral relationship to the vertigo of time and its representation. First adept of photomontages, the artist then turned to marble and bronze sculptures which quickly found their way into private collections and exhibitions. Inspired by science, technology and the concerns of our contemporary society, Léo Caillard reimagines universal icons with modern tools, embracing anachronism and provoking reflection on the present and our past. Today, we are thrilled to present "Marble Bitcoin", his first and genesis NFT on Ordinal - a 1/1 NFT connected to a unique physical hand-carved marble sculpture. Marble represents the most durable medium in antique period for inscribing information (engraved in marble) while the Bitcoin blockchain represents the most perennial and solid means of inscription in the digital world (Ordinal). Strongest inscription from the past meet strongest inscription of today

Leo Caillard represents the new generation of emerging artists with his singular vision.