Environmental Policy


The Asprey Studio adheres to a zero-waste policy. By leveraging the latest digital technologies, the studio drastically reduces production waste by simulating all aspects of production and final product placement. The design department at Asprey Studio also recycles any prototypes or production errors by either offering them to clients, transforming them into new products, or recycling components.

Asprey Studio does not release large collections; instead, the majority of its products are made-to-order (MTO), further eliminating unnecessary stock. Any suppliers the studio requires are initially sourced in the UK to minimize the environmental impact. Currently, all releases from Asprey Studio are 100% made in England.

Asprey Studio abstains from using exotic skins on its products and sources precious stones ethically and from trusted suppliers.

Our Planet

Asprey Studio operates a zero waste policy. It works with artists around the world and by using digital technology, reduces the need for large amounts of transportation.

Alastair Walker, Chief Creative Officer, Asprey Studio