About Asprey Studio

The Asprey Studio was formed to explore the connection between digital and physical pieces and the rise of the digital art medium. The Asprey Studio creates unique collections using new and traditional production techniques as well as one-of-a-kind creations with its partners and artists, of exceptional talent. - Alastair Walker (alastairwalker.com), Chief Creative Officer of Asprey Studio

The studio is split into three components- the design studio, the members club and the studio's gallery.

The Asprey Studio represents a new dimension for the 242-year-old luxury house, Asprey, as it delves into the future of luxury and art in an innovative and unbounded manner. The Asprey Studio has successfully launched several projects, including collections in collaboration with Bugatti. The Studio is an early advocate for artists working with technology and those exploring the intersection of the physical and digital worlds.

All of its pieces are unveiled at the Asprey Studio Gallery, with exclusive first access granted to members of the Asprey Studio Club. Club members also enjoy benefits such as access to events and exhibitions before the general public, as well as the opportunity to acquire a physical gold signet ring (subject to availability).

Since 1781. It Can be done

The Asprey Studio reiterates Asprey’s mission of engaging artists and craftsmen in creative conversations and giving them free reign to re-interpret the brand in contemporary ways while granting them a platform to celebrate their unique artisanal and artistic skills. It fuses heritage, innovation, and artistic expression, and in this case, the introduction of the latest technological advances, consistent with Asprey’s Mission and Values to always utilize the best materials and technology.

John Rigas, Executive Chairman of Asprey

About Asprey

  • Founded in 1781, Asprey is a London-based luxury goods house that holds a rich history in the design, manufacture, and retail of a fine selection of jewellery, silverware, timepieces, books, and home and leather goods. Recognised as one of the world's pre-eminent lifestyle brands, it holds a substantial client base including royalty, heads of state, and globally renowned actors.

    Its fabled workshop has created some of the world’s most iconic pieces, with its artisans redefining boundaries at the pinnacle of luxury craftsmanship. Asprey’s bespoke and special commissions include trophies for the Premier League, Ryder Cup, Wimbledon and F1, in addition to private commissions ranging from a custom chess set for Ringo Starr to a picnic trailer with dining space for 16.  

    While today the brand is particularly famed for its high jewellery and artistry with coloured diamonds, an early speciality was dressing cases, for which Queen Victoria awarded Asprey a Royal Warrant in 1862. In the same year, as an early adopter of the technology that spurred the industrial revolution, Asprey was also awarded a gold medal for its dressing cases at the international Crystal Palace Exhibition in Hyde Park, London. To this day, Asprey continues its tradition of innovating at the cutting edge by investing in new production techniques at the recently launched Asprey Studio. 

    Widely regarded as 'The Queen’s Gift Shop’, Asprey was later granted another Royal Warrant from the Prince of Wales who was later to become King Edward VII. He was so pleased with a monogram Asprey designed for him, that he tried to put it on all the pillar boxes in the country. 

  • King Edward VII remained an important and enthusiastic customer up until his death. At the time of his funeral, an Asprey member of staff remembered “Practically all the ruling heads of Europe were there, and many of them came to Asprey, you might see three or four in the shop at one time.”

    As former official jewellery sponsor of the BAFTAs, Asprey has prepared industry figures such as Angelina Jolie for the red carpet, as well as creating the stunning Queen of the Ocean pendant for Kate Winslet’s character Titanic. The Beatles filmed Help! at Asprey’s 167 store and Ian Fleming, himself a notable client, penned a few scenes with Asprey barware in the James Bond novels for which Asprey produced many props for. 

    With a heritage in horology dating back to the 19th Century, it is unsurprising that Asprey's collaborations with watch brands through the years have inspired many newsworthy moments. From the record-breaking Asprey x Patek and Asprey AP auction sales to the recent Asprey x Anderson announcement, the Asprey brand name is a powerful value proposition for collectors around the world.

    The recent move to Bruton street has allowed the brand to expand its leather, silver and jewellery workshops, creating the Asprey Studio and gallery to reach new clients and continue offering the distinguished service it is historically famed for.