Announced February 2023 at the beginning of ordinals.

Asprey Bugatti egg sketch

Digital artwork

  • The importance of the natural egg shape. Being able to create that in digital form with an elegant equation.

  • The digital artwork matches the physical egg perfectly.

  • Dynamic lighting that highlights the oval shape and motion of the lights for each of the eggs is unique to each egg. They can be viewed by anyone in the world, and they will see the same unique lighting for that particular egg.

  • At three specific times each week the egg eclipses exactly at the same time. Before and after these times, all the eggs have lighting that move in their own unique ways.

  • AB Egg #1 is on the oldest uncommon sat to be inscribed at this point in time.

  • All the eggs were inscribed on uncommon sats. Eggs 1-99 are ordered by the date of their uncommon sat, the oldest being first.

  • 1-99 are all cursed inscriptions.

  • All use the parent-child collection provenance.

  • The artwork is interactive. Press the space bar to see the 3D skeleton of the egg.

  • The artwork is space efficient, less than 500 bytes.

  • Coded by Metagood's, Danny Yang. Art by Ali Walker.

World first physical collection linked to digital artwork in ordinals.