Silver Scream artwork in frame

Silver Scream

Asprey Studio is thrilled to announce, "Silver Scream", an edition of Edvard Munch's monochrome masterpiece "The Scream," 1895 (litho), sourced from the official Art Institute of Chicago archive via Bridgeman Images.

This exclusive collection consists of 444 digital artefacts (NFT’s) with 10 physical artworks exclusively for numbers 1-10.
The digital pieces are priced at 0.01btc with 434 unique variations with various levels of rarity on the Ordinal blockchain. Scream represents anxiety, Chief Creative Officer, Alastair Walker, of Asprey Studio stated “It’s an appropriate piece for the digital art / crypto world and we were inspired by it’s expressionism and added some motion, colour and unique variations to the collection”.

Each physical piece is meticulously crafted from a sheet of sterling silver and oxidized using the original Scream lithograph. These pieces will be expertly handcrafted by the master silversmiths at Asprey's London workshop and finished by master engravers. Each of the 10 physical pieces is digitally linked through Bitcoin Ordinals, ensuring that they will exist forever in a digital state.

"It will be a controlled and transformative process to capture our interpretation of 'Scream.' The physical pieces will be hand-block oxidized on sterling silver, adorned with 'silver dust' from our polishing room, creating a subtle patina that makes each one unique.”, says Walker. Priced at 20k usd each (including VAT) the 10 Silver Scream editions will be available for purchase directly from Asprey Studio and will also be showcased at the Asprey Studio’s gallery in Mayfair.

A once in a lifetime release.

Asprey Studio Club Members have first option