The Rising Artists of Saudi Arabia

The Rising Artists of Saudi Arabia

At the Asprey Studio panel discussion, Khaled Makhshoush, a Saudi digital artist known for his proficiency in pixel art, offered insights into his artistic journey.

Using his graphic tablet, Khaled creates atmospheric digital paintings that explore the relationship between emotions and space. Inspired by the dynamic and ever-evolving modern world, Khaled Makhshoush finds his muse in the diverse landscapes and intricate emotions of contemporary life. He focuses on how the place feels and draws imaginary places based on real ones, blending reality and imagination in his art and inviting the viewers to experience his vision. However, what truly distinguishes him is his unyielding commitment to challenge the limitations of the pixel art medium, a space that is both compact and constrained. He utilizes colors, shapes, and patterns to meticulously construct detailed scenes that are the very essence of his imaginative spirit.

During a panel discussion, Makhshoush admitted that his foray into digital art was born out of necessity, primarily due to limited resources at his disposal. Initially, he perceived digital art as an accessible and straightforward endeavor, largely influenced by his experiences with video games. However, he soon realized the depth and complexity of the pixel art. For him, digital painting enables him to illustrate scenes of places and their unique atmospheres. It is within the realm of digital art that he discovered the path to self-expression.

In essence, Khaled Makhshoush shares his deep landscape exploration on the NFT marketplace, but has recently been most active in large-scale exhibitions, notably at The Outernet in central London, organized by Noor Riyadh and Asprey Studio's launch show.

Khaled Makhshoush thanks the Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia and the Sigg Art Foundation for their support in Europe and the Middle East.

In a recent panel discussion hosted at Asprey Studio in the heart of London, Ahaad Alamoudi shared her insights, shedding light on their compelling work, which is a fusion of images, videos, narratives, and symbols, all centered around the theme of change, in particular to document Saudi Arabia's evolving social landscape.

Raised in both Saudi Arabia and the UK, she now operates from Jeddah. Her art takes apart national and cultural symbols, like traditional dances and popular songs, and gives them a fresh perspective. By harnessing digital manipulation techniques, she skillfully pays homage to the dynamic Saudi youth culture of viral remixes. Through this approach, she infuses her work with additional depths of interpretation and a sense of playful creativity.

During the panel discussion, Ahaad Alamoudi explained, "I aim to understand what is lost and what is gained in the process of change, and I use a multitude of symbols and signs, each carrying heavy connotations. I remove them from their original contexts and place them in different settings, creating a unique narrative lens from these elements".She also pointed out that she has long been fascinated by the digital world's wealth of information and its creative potential, utilizing various mediums from sculptures to art installations and video collaborations with performance artists.

Her art has graced global stages, with prominent showcases ranging from the prestigious Venice Biennale to exhibitions like Phantom Punch and Generations, which serve as vital conduits for Middle Eastern artists, enabling their work to captivate international audiences.

Ahaad Alamoudi thanks the Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia and the Sigg Art Foundation for their support in Europe and the Middle East.