Ryan Barrett Sculpture with digital artwork

Ryan is innovative, progressive and a rebel at heart.

Ryan’s textile background is omnipresent in this collection of textural pieces, especially created for this exhibition at the Asprey Studio Gallery. The House of Asprey, with its remarkable history and cultural patrimony expanding over two hundred years, has always embraced new styles, always at the edge of the avant-garde and new. Why follow the rest when you can be a trendsetter?

A mutual passion and drive that is shared, both Asprey Studio and Ryan have a determination to never accept a ‘no’, no, does not exists, there is always a way, as on Asprey’s motto ‘it can be done’. It has been a thrilling and fascinating journey to see the ascending progression and evolution of Ryan’s work and a departing inspiration for curating this exhibition; the shapes, the fine and elaborate porcelain mixes and especially the depth of his mesmerising watery glazes. Doing justice to his eleventh zodiacal sign, he has been relentlessly mastering his craft; his techniques, the scale of works, each tool, each component of the digital coiling and every detail. With each individual work, he has been stubbornly pushing the boundaries, failing over and over again, but ultimately excelling, and obtaining breathtaking results.

Ryans digital coiling method is unique, from the initial concept and design, to the digital files and the complex execution. The way he then works on the pieces, mixing clay techniques and putting them through a very delicate and laborious process with several firings. All these being subject to a high degree of variable elements that are difficult to control and render constant surprises. This original approach, his dedicated passion and endless curiosity for exploration and perfection makes him a truly unique artist.

Ryan is innovative, progressive and a rebel at heart, he has a very strong point of view, a clear voice, and not just an echo. In order to create unique and irreplaceable art, one must always be different and innovative. The past is the past, and where we depart from, but we must create new and exciting works, and these sublime pieces, are that, entirely new and unique creations.

Alexandre de Prat i Pont, Director, ARA Eximium