Custom Editions

For customization please contact before redeeming.  These options are only available to ASC NFT genesis holders. To purchase an NFT please visit:   Opensea

There are several custom options available:

COA, Cushion, Diamond, Platinum and Bespoke.  

Coat-of-Arms (COA)

There are two techniques available for COA engraving. The first is by using laser technology and the second is by traditional hand-engraving. Our master craftspeople continue to use time honoured skills to hand-engrave the signet rings, a skill that has been passed down through many generations.

The more modern approach is to use laser technology, however, the hand-engrave options offers a deeper engraving and is more inkeeping to traditional signets.

The cost for laser engraving a COA is £200. 

AS platinum signet

Cushion Style

Cushion signet rings have a square shape with rounded sides, making them a perfect canvas for engraving a family crest, coat of arms or initials. The surface area is larger and therefore perfect for the hand engraving of ASC COA.

It may be necessary to have a cushion signet ring depending upon what is engraved. A cushion signet ring for ASC NFT holders start at £950.

AS platinum signet

Diamond Edition

Diamond set signet rings offer that extra statement. Clear or black diamond options are available.  Pictured is the Asprey Studio black diamond edition with a yellow gold cushion style.

AS platinum signet


Platinum is much more durable than silver and ensures any engraving does not easily degrade over time. Platinum has a 30% premium over yellow/rose gold.

AS platinum signet

Complete Bespoke

If you are looking for a fully bespoke signet ring, our studio can work with you on a completely new design. Please note, the AS engraving on the side of the signet must remain and it must be within your ASC NFT redeem.

AS platinum signet

"AS" signature & Size Guide

All club signet rings, including custom/bespoke have AS insribed on the side.

Traditionally, signet rings are worn on the pinky finger of the right hand, but can be worn to the wearers preference. 

AS platinum signet

Ring Size Chart

The signet rings come in sizes 44-69 and are suitable for both men and women. If you don’t know your ring size or are struggling to find the correct one, please email us at and we will assist you in finding the best size.

It is the responsibility of the NFT holder to provide Asprey / Asprey Studio  with correct ring size. Asprey will not be held accountable for incorrect sizes and cannot except a return or offer an exchange should the ring size prove incorrect.

The history of the signet

Signet rings have had historical significance since 3500 B.C, when the Mesopotamians used cylindrical seals stamped in clay or wax to approve documents. Often, in the Middle Ages, the rings were used as a sealed signature to identify a person’s political allegiance or coat of arms. To avoid forgeries, when a person who used a signet ring died, it would be destroyed. It was mainly royalty, government officials and aristocrats who wore signet rings throughout the 19th century. Their status was engraved in a silver or gold ring and would signify their importance. By the 20th century the purpose of the signet ring changed yet again, it was no longer about a source of security. Rather, men started wearing the signet ring as a tradition and often hand them down in generations. They’re now also known as ‘gent’s rings’.

Over the past couple of years signet rings have become highly fashionable. Many new styles encompass the traditional look with initials or family crests, but many have also added more modern options such as diamonds or used their own designs. Whether you like a modern or vintage look a signet ring is a sophisticated choice.. 

AS platinum signet

Founded in England in 1781, Asprey has long been considered the pinnacle of luxury. Offering unique products, very often bespoke commissions completed in its famed workshops, Asprey caters to the most demanding and prestigious clients in the world, including royalty, heads of state and international connoisseurs.


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